My First Blog Post


Facing insecurities, confronting fear, saying hello to faith and welcoming in peace…

So I guess we all have had that situation where we have wanted that commitment so badly with what we think is divine love, you know with that one person we blindly see as the one or at least potentially the one. Basically special enough to take that leap of faith on…opting on that fool card lol.

However, by the time we establish that the other person appears to be on a different page as to our heart, body, mind and soul it’s always too late in the game. The illusions start to form and we create this false block that we cannot seem to break out from (well at the time we certainly see it this way). We find ourselves questioning things from the nicks to the crannies: “is it me… was it me…where did I get it wrong… was there no mutual connection…did I give too much of me…was it all in my head all this time?”

Then follows the great wonder question within our minds (or sometimes from our soul tribe) – ‘Do I really love THEM or was it a like…did I just THINK I did …WHY?’

The real issue with the above is that the response given is never a clear straightforward answer, well at least not adequate or detailed enough to validate our fears or doubts. You know that type of answer that is sufficient enough to be awarded with an A* in an exam. Instead we think of the little effort they made (or sometimes big because lets be real dolls and guys there are real devils out here that love playing their cards without using the spades, clubs and diamonds) because truly at the time that is all we know or think we truly deserve. We often automatically think of how it made us feel in the moment and before you know we are in our memories …the time we considered it to be special, sweet…. you know those ‘aww’ moments. In hindsight were those moments even real and even so there relevance has no importance any longer?

Ultimately, we block ourselves from meeting people, seeing clearly and just love in general. You may not agree but I promise once you accept that this so called connection is no more and all hope is killed, gradually your aura changes and this thing we call positivity flows in.

Okay so you think you have healed? That special emotional unavailable person that broke your heart, that lead you to overthink (8 of swords style), kept you stagnant and low in spirit … I mean I could go on but I digress as the intention behind this post is not to dreary.

You have finally accepted that you have learnt a lesson and admitted that only hurt people hurt people because they are incomplete themselves. (Did I just hit a nerve, honesty is the key right?).

The process of you seeing your self – worth and love comes into question. Your inner self starts knocking – you know that thing that has been knocking from the very beginning but unfortunately you were so blocked before that you were numb to its calling. So now you start to pay attention to your neglected inner child, begin to fill your own cup with self – love and are now content with the fact that you are working progress. I mean someday ( 🤷🏾‍♀️ ) you will attract something better right? 

So you have isolated yourself and even your inner hermit self is screaming for you toget back out there, meet up with friends, be playful, flirt, be free and do you!

Part 2 – To follow..keep an eye out!

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

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